Hopeful Economics: Leadership & Innovation Summit

Co-hosted by Simon Fraser University and the City of Vancouver

We use the term hopeful economics to describe our conviction that building strong, sustainable, local economies is the way forward. The dominant economic paradigm, based on the myth of boundless growth, has led us into environmental catastrophe and leaves many people behind. 

There is another way forward. On a local level, people everywhere are already building new economic models that sustain both people and places. Hopeful Economics: Leadership & Innovation Summit is an opportunity for us to share these solutions, and to do some big picture thinking together. 

The seed of Hopeful Economics: Leadership & Innovation Summit was planted by the alumni network of the SFU Certificate Program for Community Economic Development. We wanted an opportunity to gather, to learn together and to put our heads together around issues we face in our communities.

With the partnership of the City of Vancouver, this idea grew into a two day summit, for not just alumni, but for municipal staff and leaders of communities both urban and rural, for non-profit organizations, for social entrepreneurs, for credit unions and other funders, for private sector partners looking to enhance their CSR and community impact goals, for community activists and changemakers of all kinds. When we all bring our diverse experience and skills to the table, we can achieve great things together. 

Hopeful Economics takes place April 21 and 22 with full days of workshops, speakers and panel discussions. There will also be a social innovation challenge where social entrepreneurs will pitch their social impact ideas, with opportunities to win funding, mentoring and other prizes.

On April 20, at a separately ticketed event, Leman Kewan Hasano from Syria and John Restakis  will give a presentation about the revolutionary co-operative models emerging in war-torn Rojava Syria, sharing how a new economy is emerging thanks to communities responding to challenges together.


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