What's happening in Rojava - the northern region of Syria - is remarkable. Our co-presenter, John Restakis, who was there last November says, "It's the only real effort at peace in the whole region. People in Rojava are collaborating democratically to build a new society based on gender, religious and ethnocultural equality."

The Rojava Revolution is an example of stateless democracy where hundreds of co-operatives provide for people's essentials, especially in food and agriculture.  The Revolution challenges dominant economic world-views, as explained in this book review by Steve Rushton:

Another key element of this revolution, which is threaded through the book, is the fact that Rojava has taken a "third way." The Revolution in Rojava explains this concept, often using the phrase "capitalist modernity" to describe the state of most of the world, whether in capitalist or communist states. In contrast, the authors describe Rojava in the process of what they call democratic modernity. 

This is an important story of hope, emerging amidst an explosion of patriarchy and violence. And we're privileged to bring it to you.

Unfortunately the Canadian Embassy is still processing Leman Hasano's visitor visa: is unlikely Ms. Hasano will be able to join us in person.

After the Rojava presentation, you will experience a pop-up collaborative marketplace - a preview of Groundswell's grand opening on Granville Island this summer. Join us in a conversation about what the collaborative economy looks like in practice in Vancouver. 

The doors open at 7pm. There will be a cash bar and flatbread pizza for you to enjoy.

We look forward to seeing you Thursday night.

About the co-presenters:

Leman kewan Hasano, Vice President for the Co-President of the Department of Economics of AlCazeera Canton in Rojava, Northern Syrian Federal Administration. Ms. Hasano is responsible for the co-operative section and women's economic activities. 

John Restakis, Executive Director, Community Evolution Foundation. Author, Humanizing the Economy.

Groundswell is a social venture business school and community hub pursuing a future for a regenerative, collaborative economy where each individual can contribute meaningfully and find purpose in their life through their work.  

Location: SFU Segal Centre, 500 Granville St, Vancouver

Date and time: April 20, 2017, 7:30 - 10:00 p.m. (Doors open at 7:00)

Cost: $25-35. Snacks provided. Cash bar.

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